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Mejores Canciones de Amor – Piano, Guitarra y Voz

mejores canciones de amor

Las Mejores Canciones de Amor Para Piano, Guitarra y Voz


  1. The Closest Thing To Crazy [Katie Melua]
  2. Come What May (Moulin Rouge) [Mcgregor, Ewan] [Kidman, Nicole]
  3. Don’t Know Why [Jones, Norah]
  4. Dry Your Eyes [Streets, The]
  5. Eternity [Williams, Robbie]
  6. Fool Again [Westlife]
  7. Hero [Iglesias, Enrique]
  8. If Tomorrow Never Comes [Keating, Ronan]
  9. If You Come Back [Blue]
  10. If You’re Not The One [Bedingfield, Daniel]
  11. Leave Right Now [Young, Will]
  12. Like A Star [Rae, Corinne Bailey]
  13. Lost Without You [Goodrem, Delta]
  14. Never Had A Dream Come True [S Club 7]
  15. Songbird [Cassidy, Eva]
  16. Stop! [Jamelia]
  17. This Love [Maroon 5]
  18. This Year’s Love [Gray, David]
  19. The Trouble With Love Is [Clarkson, Kelly]
  20. Unfaithful [Rihanna]
  21. Yellow [Coldplay]
  22. You Give Me Something [Morrison, James]
  23. You’re Beautiful [Blunt, James]

Formato: Piano, Guitarra y Voz


  • Piano
  • Guitarra
  • Voz

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